Siri is not a Morning Person / by Erin Wade

I am an early riser. This wasn't always the case - into my early 30's I was a night owl, and would work or play computer games well into the wee hours. Changes in work schedules over the last decade and a half or so have required early rising by necessity, and repeated practice has resulted in a change to my overall circadian rhythm - I'm typically up by or before 6 AM whether I need to be or not.

On workdays, when I'm in the process of getting ready for work, I've gotten into the habit of asking Siri to check the time. Most often she simply pleasantly chirps out the hours and minutes in her delightful British accent (yes - my Siri has a British accent. Doesn't yours?). But I'm clearly dragging her out into the world far earlier than she'd prefer, and sometimes she lets me know this:

You Woke Me Up, Dude

Sometimes it's this simple protestation that she was still resting when I invoked her - perhaps a not-so-subtle attempt to apply a bit of a guilt trip on me. Still other times she is more explicit about her opinion on what should be occurring at the time, and I feel like she's implying that it should be true for me as well as she:

time to still be in bed

I'd be a little irritated with her if I didn't find myself actually agreeing. Of course, if she's going to have such clear opinions on how early we should be getting up, perhaps she'd like to facilitate a change by doing my work for me. When I suggested this, however, she was unequivocal:

no I can't

I'm a little hurt. Couldn't she give the common courtesy of at least suggesting she could try?

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