Elevation Dock / by Erin Wade

Here's a very cool KickStarter project I first saw on Daring Fireball this evening. The Elevation Dock is an aluminum dock that will fit multiple generations of the iPhone, as well as different versions of the iPod touch and classic iPod. More importantly for my purposes it is designed to allow docking of an iPhone while it's still in a protective case.

This would allow me to retire the Lego stand I'm forced to use instead of an Apple dock as I am apparently a mutant with a superpower that causes the coefficient of friction on my hands and fingers to be far lower than that of any normal man.

At any rate, this evening it looks as if the project is already very close to getting funded. This makes for a good opportunity to get in on this product before it hits the market at full price.

If you aren't familiar with KickStarter you can learn more here.