I wrote this post. What you read next will astonish you. Or not. / by Erin Wade

The Internet, and especially FaceBook, has become overrun with a plague of titles for videos and articles that are significantly more dramatic than the material to which they lead. 

The most recent version of this I've encountered:

Video:  She pours out a gallon of vinegar into her toilet. When she shows why? I ran to try it myself

(Notice - no link to this)

First:  No. No you did not watch this video, drop everything, gather up a gallon of vinegar, and immediately pour it down your toilet. I simply do not believe that happened. 

Nor did your jaw drop when you watched that other video about that thing. And yes, despite how astonishing your title tried to tell me it was, I *did* believe what happened next when I watched it. 

*If* I watched it. Which I probably did not. 

Titles like this almost invariably make me not only *not* want to watch the video or read the article, but they also make me want to delete the FaceBook app from my devices and start a petition to have Mark Zuckerburg arrested and tried for crimes against humanity (see - there's my own little bit of overblown drama there). 

Incidentally, I asked MLW to check out the video in question (it would be against my principles to follow the link myself, but it's okay, apparently, if I have someone else do it for me). I learned the following things:

- There is no "she" in the video.  The person in the video is a dude. 

- *He* doesn't use anything close to a gallon of vinegar. Maybe a cup. 

- At no point did I feel the urge to run and try it myself. 

So - you know - not only is the title irritating, it's factually inaccurate and, essentially a tease followed by a significant letdown.  

It is so frustrating when the Internet is wrong.