Catrike Pocket / by Erin Wade

I am pleased to announce a new addition to the biking family:

Catrike Pocket

This is a Catrike Pocket - it's a recumbent tadpole-style trike. I have wanted a recumbent trike since... well, honestly, since I realized they existed.

In fact, I've wanted a three wheel vehicle since I first read about the Trident Trihawk in Car and Driver whiling away my study hall hours in the Mendota high school library (what was I supposed to do? Study?). And while teenage and early-twenties-me loved cars, I've also always loved human powered vehicles, and many of my early noodling designs included three- and four-wheeled, pedal-driven machines. I thought I was drawing something unique until the internet became a thing and the Human Powered Vehicle Association website showed me that I was just one of many who had such things running through their heads. Fortunately, some of those others (unlike myself) had the technical know-how to actually build the things they designed.

Several companies build recumbent trikes. In addition to Catrike, I am aware of ICE, Scarab, and TerraTrike available in the US (and there are probably others). Like any specialty bike, however, recumbent trikes tend to run in a price range well outside of what you will find for a bike in your local big-box store. But this lovely blue Catrike popped up on eBay and offered an opportunity well below what they cost new, so I let myself be taken along for the ride.

And along for the ride is where I will be today as soon as I finish a bit of coffee and sort out how to mount my phone to the trike (more on that later, most likely)...

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